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Preschool Season is Coming

by Dave Atkins

Having just started my daughter in Kindergarten at Hanlon, and walking my son to his second year at MMO, I am reminded of how, a few years ago, we navigated the new parent choice matrix of preschool. The town website has a link to the Westwood Early Childhood Resource Directory which lists all the programs. I wish I had the time to develop a guide to the process but in general, it begins now if you have a child who will be old enough to start next Fall. There are lotteries at each program, but it is not "competitive" in the sense that the preschools will evaluate your child against other children--it's just that there are a limited number of spaces and siblings will usually take priority.

I wish the schools had a coordinated application process...I know we stressed about the different deadlines and timings--what if we did not get into this program, etc.--but in the end, I believe all the programs are great and it is more a question of convenience. My daughter LOVED her time at St. John's and then we consolidated her and her brother at MMO the next year which they also loved.

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