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Fun: Bowling in Dedham

by Dave Atkins

A couple weeks ago, our Westwood Gentlemen's Running Club got together for a non-running evening activity. Previously, we've frequented Murph's in Norwood for a gut-busting post-run breakfast, but on this Friday evening we secured reservations  to check out Kings Dedham in Legacy Place.

Kings is not what you'd imagine when you hear "bowling alley." It's more like a nightclub/sports bar. Make sure you adhere to the dress code (leave your gold chains and "doo-rag" at home). The restaurant is huge...and that Friday night was Karaoke night. I have no audio or video to post (not allowed), but a wide range of talent availed itself of the facilities... None of our group stepped forward and thankfully, our bowling lanes soon became available.

We closed the place. Around 12:45am, they turned on the lights and made us leave. It was a great night. Perhaps it was a bit LOUD, with the music, big screen TVs blasting videos, and a crowd of people a little younger than our group, but it was definitely fun.

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