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Bike Racks Coming to Town Centers and Schools

by Dave Atkins

Location of bike rack in front of Islington Library

Westwood will soon begin installing bike racks obtained through the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission Regional Bike Parking program. Last Fall, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee identified several locations in town that meet the program requirements and applied for the funding allocated to Westwood. The racks were delivered just before the first snowstorm. Now the town has marked the locations of the racks (white dots in the photo) and will install them in the coming months.

Single racks with the artistic "highwheeler" design below will be installed across from the Islington Library, near the municipal parking lot, at the School Street playground, and in front of Town Hall.

Multiple-bike racks will be installed at Buckmaster Pond and in several school locations to be determined by the schools. All racks are "hunter green."

Additional "inverted-U" racks will be installed at the MBTA Islington station pending coordination with the MBTA.

The Bike Parking program is ongoing, and communities may apply for additional racks. The initial Westwood application was designed to use the funds that had been designated for Westwood before they expired. The only cost to the town is the shipping cost and the labor involved in installation.

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