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Westwood MA

Rush endorsement in Westwood Press "embarrassing"

by GregAgnew

As I quickly flipped through the Westwood Press today, I could not help but "double take" when reading the editorial on page 6 titled, "Vote for Rush, Lynch."

I felt sick to my stomach! An endorsement of Mike Rush, a West Roxbury resident, who, several times after meeting me in person still forgets my name? Forget the Westwood Press endorsement, which barely mentions any qualifications Rush may have other than, "Rush has had a notable tenure in the state House of Representatives..."

I'm ashamed to even subscribe to a paper that endorses a candidate who not only can't point to Westwood on a map, but also neglects to show up for votes at the State House. Rush's best achievement, according to the Westwood Press, was, "...his successful effort to repair the Roche Arena Ice Rink in West Roxbury."

Give me a break. If all of us real, working class Westwood Residents could point to just one achievement in almost 8 years (Rush has been in the Legislature since 2003) at our own jobs, we'd be given the boot the next day. I can't speak for the other cities and towns in the Norfolk and Suffolk district, but, I can certainly speak for Westwood when I say, it's time to elect a small business owner, long time resident, and strong advocate for issues that matter this Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. 

Elect Michael Walsh, someone who knows our issues, understands our concerns, and feels our pain of being misrepresented for the past 17 years. Westwood needs one of our own, someone who originally came from West Roxbury, someone who knows the city and the suburbs, just as Michael Walsh does, and now resides with us, defending our voice on Beacon Hill. Michael is no insider, and he's no political machine. He's just a normal guy, who works for a living to support his six children, three of which are in the Westwood School System today.

Lastly, I commend my neighbor, John J. O'Brien, Jr., who proudly wrote a letter to the editor in support of Michael Walsh in this very same issue of the Westwood Press. Jack's enthusiasm for Michael's campaign is shared by an overwhelming amount of supporters, who will push Michael over the top on Tuesday. I hope you can join me, and thousands of others, as I step into my polling location on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, to "punch the ballot" for Michael Walsh for State Senate. Let's help ourselves and start fresh.

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