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Meet John J. Obrien, Jr. - Candidate for School Committee

by Dave Atkins

Candidate John O'Brien was kind enough to sit down with me for this short (<10 minute) interview. The election is next Tuesday, April 27. You may need to turn up your volume a bit--this was outdoors and hard to get good audio from my Flip Video recorder...

What are the issues in the School Committee Election?

by Dave Atkins

Editor's Note: I'm reposting this and would like to get more comments on what people feel the issues are in the School Committee race. Thanks, Steve Maggiacomo for your comment below with your statement. I will follow this up in a few days with more information on the candidates...also, see this excellent coverage of the Westwood candidates for School Committee reported by Bridget Macdonald in the Hometown Weekley.

Thankfully, Westwood has been largely devoid of attention-grabbing headlines about our schools. We have great schools and a strong community of parents who support those schools. But in this coming town election, we have four candidates running for two positions on the School Committee. What are the issues?

I've seen one ad--but it did not provide any specifics, just the name of the person running. I'm curious...besides the obvious "how are we going to keep paying for this?" questions, are there other issues in the community that people feel the school committee should be addressing?

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