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Islington Fire Station Groundbreaking

by Dave Atkins

Here's a short video of the Fire Station Groundbreaking ceremony from last week:

Selectmen to Vote on Traffic Calming

by Dave Atkins

After years of discussion and testing of traffic calming devices, the engineering company tasked with implementing traffic calming in the Canton-Everett-Forbes area will present their plan for approval by the Board of Selectmen tonight (Monday, June 22).

Westwood Farmers Market Open

by Dave Atkins
June 23, 2015 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm

The Westwood Farmers Market opened for the season on June 16th! The market will be every Tuesday from 1-6 p.m. (until October 13th). The market is located behind St. Margaret Mary Parish at 845 High Street. Products being sold include locally grown produce, seafood, freshly baked breads, cheese, and Welsh Cakes.

Islington Village Development in Preliminary Discussions

by Dave Atkins

Developer Giorgio Petruzziello (Supreme Development) has acquired the Magaletta properties in Islington and is planning to replace or renovate a number of buildings. The first parcel includes the Magaletta building that houses Islington Pizza, the Post Office, and Wild Blossom.

More Room for Bikes and Pedestrians

by Dave Atkins

It may seem like a small change, but following discussions with the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee, Westwood's Department of Public Works followed the recommended practice of marking a consistent distance between the center line and white "fog lines" after the recent repaving of Gay Street. The photos below illustrate the significant shoulder achieved in one of the most dangerous sections for runners and bikers:

Westwood Bear

by Dave Atkins

Here is a backyard photo of a bear that was sighted in Westwood around May 19. My sources tell me this was off East Street, between East and Route 1; maybe behind the Lamberts Plaza area or in the vicinity of Carroll Ave. A bear was sighted in Wrentham, near Franklin, five days earlier. No damage was done; everyone is safe, but residents might want to review this information on urban bears.

Public Works Update

by Dave Atkins

Thank you to Westwood Department of Public Works Director Todd Korchin for sitting down with me to record this discussion of the projects underway in Westwood this summer. Thank you, Greg Agnew, Executive Director of WestCAT for pulling this together quickly. We hope to make this a regular feature.

How to access digital media in Westwood

by GregAgnew

Over the past few months, your Local Television Network, WestCAT, has been working diligently to provide various types of access to our video coverage of community Events and Municipal Meetings. 
Our website onDemand Service, provided with the help of Vimeo, provides residents and other interested parties with 24/7 access to Board of Selectmen Meetings, Planning Board Meetings, Finance & Warrant Commission Meetings, School Committee Meetings, various other meetings of peak interest, basketball games, plays, and other events. Access is provided across a variety of media players including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, BluRay players, game consoles, and tablets. 
For instructions relating to how to access the Vimeo App on a multitude of different devices throughout your home or office, please click on the Vimeo Help Link and navigate to find your particular issue. If more complete information is not available regarding the your specific platform, please contact your devices manufacturer to access the Vimeo Application.
If you're looking for videos chronicling the magical run of both the Westwood High School Girls & Boys Varsity Basketball Season, WestCAT has it covered. Although you can see some of the more recent games from the beginning of March and end of February 2015 on our Television Network's Community Channel, you can access the games anytime onDemand through our Channel on Vimeo.
Throughout the coming months, we'll be covering new community performances and sporting events from all over Westwood. We're pleased to announce that most of these scheduled covered events have come from our new Event Submission Page. Residents, Town Employees, and Business owners are all encouraged to ask if our services may be available to help them tape an event that might be of interest to our viewers. 
As always, please contact Executive Director Greg Agnew to obtain information regarding Membership, or if you have any questions or comments regarding WestCAT. His phone number is: 774.538.WEST, and his email is:

Why Residents Don't Want Senior Housing in Westwood

by Dave Atkins

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not reflect the opinion of any town board on which I serve.

WestCAT News and Updates

by GregAgnew

In October, I was hired as the Executive Director of WestCAT after serving three years prior as the Director of Operations at Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center in Dedham, MA. I had helped construct and design a 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art television studio, and I bring that same vision to Westwood, hoping to construct a unique studio that fits the specific needs of our residents.
First, I'd like to welcome all new members that have joined since my hiring in late October of 2013. We've made tremendous progress since then, making several changes and improvements to our website and social media outlets to better serve the residents of our Westwood Community, providing more information and allowing for more immediate contact to be made in case of questions. Beginning shortly, we will be offering serveral new programs for the consideration of our audience, and will be asking for membership input as we move forward with potential new studio plans.
In addition, we will be hiring a new Production Assistant and Engineering & Technology Assistant to our team, strengthening our level of service to the Town of Westwood. Currently, it takes us more than a full eight hour work day to shoot, edit, render, convert, and upload ONE program for broascasting. We expect within the year that we will be able to cut that time in half with more help and increased computing power.
During the Town Elections, WestCAT was able to cover the LWV Candidate Forum, and produce our own voluntary candidate spotlight at no cost to any candidate for any elected office in the Town of Westwood. We also covered several Selectman meetings, including the last meeting for outgoing Selectman Phil Shapiro and several Planning Board meetings, including Department of Transportation Forums at the Downey and Thurston Middle School.
Since then, we have been busy cleaning three year's worth of programming from our virtual hard drives and uploading newer programming. It is crutial to the health of each drive to continually take measures to ensure proper operation by suspending programming schedules and checking system functionality. This process is long and involved. We appreciate your understanding while we improve your local television network.
The past has allowed us to cover over 20 Westwood Basketball Association Games, with the assistance of several local sponsors. We would like to thank Michael Gay of Westwood and outgoing Director of Operations Adam K. Long for all of thier hard work on this important local project. We hope to re-engage in this type of television programming in the future with the participation of High School Level Athletics with similar foundation sponsorship. On average, it costs us over $450.00 to cover each event, and greatly appreciate any and all financial assistance to better cover local events.
In the future, we will be covering Town Meeting on May 5th. This event will not be live, considering that residential participation is crutial to the voting success and progression of our Town Government.
We welcome any and all input from Residents, Boards, Committees, and Business Owners as we move forward. Contact me, and I'd be happy to entertain any questions or comments you may have. My cell phone is: 774-538-WEST, and my email is:
I thank you for watching our Local TV Network, and look forward to meeting more residents as time moves forward. 
Best Wishes, 
Greg Agnew, Executive Director of WestCAT

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